Gallery: Greece and Macedonia

maedonia Trip of a lifetime

Everyone knows the most famous of the Grecian tourist sites: Athens, Santorini, Tripol… but there are certain destinations on the Aegean Peninsula that spend many years less-traveled due to the strife happening in the region. Greece’s neighbor to the north — once a part of the Soviet Union, then a part of Yugoslavia — Macedonia was inside of Greece’s borders for many years, and has all the intrigue of other destinations in Greece, but are very unique.

The best way to explore Macedonia is to start in Greece itself. The Port of Ouranoupoli is a debarkation port for many backpackers and travelers that opt for hostels over hotels, and exploration over direct transport. These adventurers get to see much more than a tourist who forgets that it is the journey, not the destination.

See all of the sites from a backpackers journey from Ouranoupoli to Skopje. 

8 responses to “Gallery: Greece and Macedonia

  1. Loved your gallery. I find myself yearning for the bay of Kotor. I visited Ouranopolis once (as a tourist, of course) when staying in Halkidiki but we had a small boy in tow and never made it to Thessaloniki. I have been to Dubrovnik and Cavtat, and looked across the water from Corfu many years ago. Maybe some day. I hope so. 🙂

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