Bellhops: Site Updates and Launch


Thank you again to all of our fellow travelers, as you continue to visit our site through the large transition we have been running this month. Things have gone very successfully, save a few bugs, but we are continuing to update and install all of the features that we have planned for months for our readers. As always, we are striving to make International Bellhop — — the best free travel magazine online. You may have noticed a few, so far, but we will run down what you can expect in the coming weeks:  free travel magazine

New Website Is Live! is live and there was absolutely no disruption  to any articles, galleries, or service to our readers. We are very happy that this went so smoothly, and now we can get to work on adding some internal updates as well.

ibellhop --app icon -- 05-17-13

More Content: We will be posting many new articles, galleries, and other content pieces at more regular intervals — so check back often, as we will be updating our site often to accommodate fellow travelers in any Time Zone.

Facebook: We already have a lot going on at our Facebook page, though this also will be increasing in the coming weeks.

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Did you know we are on Pinterest?

We have even more high quality photos of travel destinations on our Pinterest boards. Come visit us on Pinterest at:

Thank you again for you all of you that take some time to check out  our endeavor, we appreciate every add, like, comment, share, feedback, suggestion, and opinion… So keep giving them to us…

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