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First off, I would like to personally thank all of our readers for your continued support of our little blog International Bellhop. With your help, we have grown dramatically and are in the process of expanding International Bellhop to become a more flexible experience, and to provide mush more to our readers. Over the next several months, you will notice the expansions that we have planned, and we hope that you will enjoy what we roll out. In this post, we will try and give out readers a brief overview of what to expect:

International Bellhop --

New Website:

One of the first roll-outs we have planned is to fully integrate the URL: which will be the main domain for the entire enterprise. Don’t worry, we are working closely with developers and also with WordPress/Automatic to ensure that the community of followers we have here on wordpress will still be able to connect with us in the same fashion you all have been. The .com will simply give us a little more flexibility, and we will be able to have more interactive stories and features for the magazine.

Higher Quality Vacation and Travel Photos:

We always try and provide a very visual magazine. We know that we live in a digital age where graphics and high resolution images draw more “readers” than 1800 pages of boring type. We will continue to make a travel magazine that is a light read, and pleasant to the eye.

Cambodia travel photo

iBellhop Store:

In addition to our full online magazine, we will also be implementing our store within the website that will offer everything you could want: from luggage to travel items to items and gifts from all over the world, and the destinations we feature in our articles. Though the shop will be tied into the magazine, we will keep the two buffered from each other and not shove the products down our readers throats. Whether you want to buy or not, the option is there.

International Bellhop -- ibellhop -- store

Continually Great Content:

By expanding International Bellhop, it will allow us to generate much higher quality content for the magazine. In the future, you will begin to see more guest writers and travelers having their stories published in our magazine. As time goes on, and the site is stronger, we will begin accepting submissions from photographers and writers all around the world. If you are a travel lover and would be ecstatic to have your work in International Bellhop, stick around with us and we will tell you when submissions are open.

iBellhop App:

ibellhop --app icon -- 05-17-13In our never-ending quest to have the travel magazine that is responsive and formative to mobile and web-based viewers,  we are currently working on developing apps that will bring a heightened user-experience on mobile devices (iOS & Android). Though, these development-phases will take several months and many hours of development work, we are striving towards attaining the greatest User Interface (UI) that we can possibly achieve.

Greater Social Interaction:

In addition to having a greater online presence with, we are also expanding into the social realm with our social networks. We have already begun work on these, and as they get going, you will find additional entertaining stories and interesting photos, videos, and more on social sites. Start Following us now:

Travel Social Media






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