Destination: Iceland by Morning

Sunset over the  Djupivogur village - Iceland.

Sunset over the Djupivogur village – Iceland.

Drifting south from the Arctic North, glaciers, icebergs, and free-flowing ice carved out a beautiful island nation over millions of years. The result: Iceland.

Though Iceland has been a maritime camp for transatlantic voyages for nearly 500 years, it has always been a midway-point, rather than a destination. Only recently has Iceland emerged as a destination to be seen by discerning travelers. From the capital city of Reykjavik to the glaciers and geysers of the island’s most geologically-active lands, we are showing you the sights and locations that make Iceland the modern-age’s most sought after vacation stop.

Iceberg Iceland Growler

Iceberg Iceland Growler

While there are many non-stop flights into the capital city of Reykjavik, disembarking into Iceland by ship offers a much more beautiful — and fitting — entry into the nation of ice. Cruise ships use  the various southern ports as a stop-off in between The Americas and the European ports of Southampton, Liverpool, Amsterdam, and Le Havre; but you an also schedule Reykjavik as your destination, and take some times to explore the vast and impressive landscapes.

Iceland Island Landscape

Iceland Island Landscape

One of the premier sights to see, when traveling Iceland’s countryside, is the groups of wild Icelandic horses that freely roam the countryside. Originally brought to the nation from Europe — as a reserve for horses needed in emergencies in the “New World” — these equines quickly adapted to their surroundings and grew paints and markings unlike any other breed in the world.

Icelanding Horse Mare

These families of equines have become so prominent in the countryside, that an astute traveler can run-into many herds during a cross-country car ride.

Icelandic horses

Iceland Geyser Spa

Iceland Geyser Spa

The “Blue Lagoon” is a collection of naturally warm waters heated by the earth’s core. A refreshing dip in warm waters, cuddled by ice glaciers, is an experience to be had.

Iceland Vacation

Seljalandfoss Waterfall, Iceland

Seljalandfoss Waterfall, Iceland

Rocky Beach in Iceland

Small icelandic village - Djupivogur

Small icelandic village – Djupivogur

Blue Lagoon Iceland

Blue Lagoon Iceland

Iceland is a land of many faces; from the hottest of landscapes to the coldest, Iceland has something to attract travelers from both poles of desires.

8 responses to “Destination: Iceland by Morning

  1. En route from London to America, I stopped in Reykjavik for 2.5 days. Sadly, this was the end of 6 months of studying/travelling, and so I was nearly out of money and energy. I hiked up a nearby mountain (Mt Esja) and explored the capital, but ever since then, I’ve seen so many beautiful, awesome sites from Iceland that I completely missed! Looks like I’ll have to return… !

  2. I’m a bit late in discovering this blog perhaps, but I loved Iceland. So much natural beauty, and amazing – if slightly weird – natural light.

    I love the wild horses but am told they are used for food.

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