Destination: Saint Tropez

Saint Tropez

Sometimes called San Tropez, or Sant Tropetz, Saint Tropez is a harbor town located in Southern France that has long been a favorite getaway for yachtsmen, celebrities, royalty, and vacation travelers. Primarily a mariner town, sitting on the Mediterranean Sea, many of the local businesses, attractions, sites, and daily recreations revolve around the sea.

Saint Tropez Harbor

Saint Tropez Harbor

Those who are into boating, yachting, and other sea sporting flock from all over the world to this harbor. It is known as the main harbor for those circumnavigating the Mediterranean. In close proximity to the French Coastal Cities of Cannes and Nice, Saint Tropez draws in many tourists on land and sea. A part of the French Riviera, and a Provencal town, Saint Tropez boasts the exceptional culinary delicacies of mainland France, while incorporating recipes that utilize the bountiful seafood that is abundant in the area.

Seint Tropez

Once a bustling commercial port (until the 1800s), today tourism is the main trade and focus of the town, with upwards of 95% of the municipal budgets coming from tourism dollars. In fact, one of the largest retail businesses in Saint Tropez is the sale of straw beach hats that are made locally and sold to the hordes of tourists that annually walk through the streets.

For those adult travelers, Saint Tropez is quite famous for its nude beaches and still has nearly a dozen nude beaches near the city center, and has long had a reputation for pushing the limits of public nudity on beaches, and ever-smaller bikinis and swimwear.

If you would like to learn more about Saint Tropez, click HERE to visit the Official Saint Tropez website.

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