Room Service: Dining at the Drake

Old town Chicago Skyline

“You’ve never seen any place, until you’ve seen Chicago,” went the popular Victorian saying in the midwest — and it is true. Chicago is like any other city in the world. Chicago and New York are the metropolitan cities where our modern world was born. Though the times have changed since Chicago first rose to become the American Midwest’s Empire City, the Windy City still holds on to the groundbreaking architectural styles, cultures and cuisine that first attracted so many people.

The Drake Hotel in Chicago is the destination for anyone who wants to relive the “art deco” hay-day that Chicago had from 1917 – 1938.  Constructed in 1920, the hotel boasts ornate carvings, sleek marble and many other styles popular in 1930. When it was first build, it was touted as the only hotel in Chicago that had air conditioning in all of its 535 rooms. Located in the Gold Coast Neighborhood of Chicago, this hotel is an amazing bargain — with average rates about $129 per night.

Catered Dinner

Just like any classic Chicago hotel, The Drake boasts fine eateries, and top-notch room service. Check out the tasty entrees:

View the Entire Menu HERE.



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