Destination: Lyon, France

Lyon France

Lyon, France

Today’s unique travel destination is Lyon, France. This stunning city is located in the Rhone-Alps area of Rance, in-between Paris and Marseilles. It is all about location with this destination; you can use Lyon as your home-base for other site seeing around the region. Located just southwest of Geneva, Switzerland — and the beautiful Lake  Geneva — you can see many different types of countryside, and even several countries, with a well-planned day-trip.

French appetizer

The Region is Prized for its Varieties of Sausages, Cheeses, and Wine

If you are looking for a travel destination with a rich history, Lyon has it. In the 16th century, while printing was becoming a powerhouse industry throughout Europe, Lyon became a center for publishers and printers, and even housed a large collective of poets throughout the following years. Once photography became the new media, Lyon quickly became a Mecca

for those studying the science of photography. In-fact, Lyon was once home to Lumiere Brothers, who were renowned for their pioneering advances in film, and were some of the earliest filmmakers in history. Check out the Musee Lumiere (Lumiere Museum) in Lyon to learn more about these pioneers.

If you are traveling for the food, you are in luck, as Lyon is considered one the capital cities of French Gastronomy (Science of Cooking). Not only is the cuisine here the peak of French haute cuisine, but the area surrounding Lyon is some of the ripest land on earth — situated near Beaujolais (One of the finest growing areas in the world for wine grapes), and the Cotes du Rhone. The coussin du Lyon, is a locally-made candy, sort of like a marzipan, that is a namesake of the area.

Lyon is a destination with a thousand different sites, and enough entertainment to keep you busy no matter how long your stay will be. Add this destination to your bucketlist, and start planning the trip of a lifetime.

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