Unique Vacation Destinations in Spain


Watercolor Painting of Toledo, Spain

You might give a sour face if you were told that Toledo was one of the most beautiful and hidden vacation gems in all of the world. But we aren’t talking about Toledo, Ohio, we are on the subject of Toledo in Spain. Pronounced (TOE-LAY-DOUGH), this ancient city is alive with the air of centuries past. A Castillan setting, this city has been around since the Bronze Age.

Old town of Toledo

Old town of Toledo

While taking in the sites and scenes and architecture of this charming city is the most popular activity, there are many more amenities that the city can offer you.


salmorejo cordobes

salmorejo cordobes

Toledo is a Mecca for foodies that want to taste the true origins of Spanish food. While you can find both traditional and modern Spanish food fare, there are also influences from Portugal, Italian cuisine, and French haute cuisine.


Traditional Spanish Shop

Traditional Spanish Shop

Though there are some modern conveniences and modern shops, a great many of the purveyors in Toledo are traditional stands and shops that have been family-owned for generations. European styled clothing and high-end fashions can be found on nearly every street corner. Books are the main draw in Toledo, Ancient books that had traveled and circulated Europe for years are still housed in the small shops in the center of the city.

To learn more about Toledo, Spain Visit HERE.

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